About Dig Deep Fitness the iPhone Fitness Software

Dig Deep Fitness is the first iPhone Fitness Application that has been developed by a man who is, all at once, a certified personal trainer (certified by the International Fitness Professionals Association), a software architect, and a highly accomplished web developer. As such, Dig Deep Fitness is the first iPhone fitness software what was developed for weight lifters BY weight lifters; this guarantees that the software is going to be constantly used and tested in the field by its own programmers and target audience.

Dig Deep Fitness was developed by Ben Nadel of Kinky Solutions. As a certified Advanced Adobe ColdFusion Developer and certified personal trainer, he was always looking for a way to bring both of his passions together. With the introduction of the iPhone, Ben was finally able to leverage his web development expertise to bring his vision of simple yet effective fitness software into fruition.

Thanks for your interest in Dig Deep Fitness - the best iPhone fitness application available.

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